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What are some methods to relieve cramps?

Current recommendations include not only adequate rest and sleep, but also regular exercise (especially walking).! Any comments?

Is there a cure for sleeptalking?

Melatonin has been the miracle cure for all of our sleep talking, walking, terrors and restless legs problems. on. Any comments?

Why cant you wake up a sleep walking person?

It is not dangerous to wake a sleepwalker it’scommon for the person to be confused or disoriented for a short time upon awakening Any comments?

Why do some people sleep walk?

Sleepwalking that persists into adulthood may have psychological causes such as extreme stress or medical causes such as epilepsy. Any comments?

Are people in there right mind when there sleep walking?

Yes. The person is not conscious of what they are doing. Thanks for using Cha Cha! Any comments?

How do i deal with stress?

# Take a stand against overscheduling. # Be realistic. # Get a good night’s sleep. # Learn to relax. Any comments?

What should I do if I cant sleep at night?

Stars of the 2012 NCAA Final Four Any comments?

Why do people sleep walk/talk?

Hi, how are you?? Thank you for using and don’t forget to again soon! Any comments?

Is it OK to wake someone who is sleep walking?

It is not dangerous to awaken a sleep walker, although it is common for the person to be confused or disoriented for a short time. Any comments?

How long do people normally sleep walk?

Unfortunately no experiments have been undertaken yet to determine that…Great question though! on! Any comments?

Is it possible to walk enough to increase your running stamina?

Some tips to get fit are eat well, sleep well, get a personal trainer, and do interval training. Walking will help you get better. Any comments?

What is the fastest way to grow back hair?

Drink plenty of water and green tea. Get plenty of sleep. Also walking a bunch all contribute to faster growing hair. Go ! Any comments?

Is sleep walking a mental disorder?

Sleepwalking is officially an arousal disorder, although it could be classified as a Mental Disorder. Thanks for using ! Any comments?

What helps relieve cramps besides medicine?

Current recommendations include not only adequate rest and sleep, but also regular exercise (especially walking). More?? Any comments?

If someone is sleep walking and you try to wake them up can it hurt them?

There is no evidence to support that waking a person who is sleepwalking is dangerous. Go ahead and wake them up. again. Any comments?

What should i do if i pulled a muscle in my lower stomach abdomen?

If normal daily activities, such as walking, sitting, or sleeping, are disrupted because of your injury, then you should have the injury evaluated by a doctor. Thanks for using ! Any comments?

What is the cause of sleep walking?

In adults, sleep walking is usually associated with a disorder of the mind but may also be seen with reactions to drugs or meds. Any comments?

Why is it bad to wake up someone who is sleep walking?

Yes they can wake up very confused and angry. Any comments?

Can sleep walking be cause by malnutrition?

Medical conditions have been linked to sleepwalking including Arrhythmias (abnormal heart rhythms), Fever, Gastroesophageal reflux (food or liquid regurgitating from the stomach into the food pipe), Nighttime asthma & Psychiatric disorders. Any comments?

How many calories burned from sitting, walking, running, sleeping, dancing?

Walking 75 calories in 20 min (1 miles at 3 mph) MORE?? Any comments?

If someone sleep walks should you wake them up?

No the best thing to do would be to gentle coax them back to their bed. Any comments?

How far can someone sleep walk?

Sleep walkers may walk around for anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes. Their speed determines their distance. for now! Any comments?

What are some ideas that will help me fall asleep?

If you have trouble sleeping do a workout or take a walk, soak in a hot bath or shower, drink something hot or war. Thanks,! Any comments?

Is it possible to move or talk while sleeping?

Yes, sleep walking and sleep talking is a possibility! on! Any comments?

What can cause violent sleep walking?

Violent sleepwalking or night terror, can occur when people experience extreme fright and violence.They might scream and flail Any comments?

How does you body sleep walk?

Sleepwalkers appear to be awake but are typically unresponsive to individuals who attempt to communicate with them. Persons ..More Any comments?

What could I do to stop sleep walking and talking?

Be regular with your bed timing and make sure you go to bed at the same time every single night. Try to be as calm as possible before you go to sleep and indulge in de-stressing activities. If all else fails, it’s best to consult a sleep doctor! Any comments?

Is it really bad to wake someone who is sleepwalking?

It is not dangerous for the person who is sleep walking to be awaken. Thanks for choosing ! Any comments?

How do you prevent from sleep walking?

Get enough sleep, limit stress, meditate, avoid any kind of stimuli (auditory or visual) prior to bedtime. again! Any comments?

If you sleep walk into a pool? Would you die?

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Why I cant sleep if I am 34 weeks pregnant?

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What STD is abbreviated as NUC?

NUC is not an abbreviation for an STD. NUC is an abbreviation for Nuclear, National Union Catalog, National Unification Council, Non-Uniformity Correction, Navy Unit Commendation, Nazarene University College, Not Under Command and many others. STD has several abbreviations as well including Sexually Transmitted Disease and Short Term Disability. Any comments?

If you dont get treated for clamideia what will happen?

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