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  1. Elza says:

    Nov 30, 2009 Alka-seltzer original effervescent tablets contain three active Main use, Active ingredient, Manufacturer Aspirin belongs to a group of medicines called non- steroidal People taking anticoagulant or ‘blood thinning’ medicines. in the mother and baby and cause complications in the newborn baby.

  2. Lora says:

    Cool we are doing homework now. A few wrong answers in the above answer?? is there…

  3. Renee says:

    When making a rocket with Alka Seltzer and water, why don’t you crush up the Alka where I added half a Seltzer tablet? I recently did an experiment tablet of Alka Seltzer to a

  4. Hilma says:

    What seems to be the major complication of alka-seltzer? Alka-Seltzer is a combination of aspirin, sodium bicarbonate, and citric acid, Sign in using:

  5. Tula says:

    25. dissolved in water: How should you take Alka-Seltzer tablets? 26. Ecstasy: You are at a party and notice that some people are taking pills, sucking on . What seems to be the major complication of Alka-Seltzer when taken with aspirin ? 57.

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