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Is allergy hereditary?

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Yes allergies are most frequently hereditary. Any comments?

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  1. Marty says:

    Allergic diseases can develop at any age and heredity plays a key role in who will develop it. If one parent has an allergic disease, the estimated risk to the child to develop allergies is 25 per cent and to 50 per cent if both parents hav

  2. Clemencia says:

    I dont think it is. We have two pit bulls and we got them when they were just weaned. They are brother and sister and neither parent had food allergies. Also, the male has terrible food allergies and can only eat duck and potato food. The female has no allergies at all.Good luck. I know its tough.

  3. Mazie says:

    My son has alternaria allergy (outdoor fungus),what kind of allergy medication do kids with this allergy need? we have tried the regular allergy medicine like zyrtec, claritin

  4. Un says:

    In most cases, children grow out of most food related allergies. This resolution is most appreciated because, outside of avoiding the offending food, there are no preventative medications that can be taken to ward off an allergic reaction t… More:http://www.brighthub.com/science/medical/articles/29454.aspx

  5. Darcel says:

    Popular scientific belief USED to be allergies are hereditary. But entire communities are becoming allergic these days. So . . . the new theory seems to be it is a malfunctioning of the immune system. As our society becomes more and more st

  6. Hallie says:

    Allergies have a strong hereditary link: if a close relative is allergic to smoke, odds are relatively strong that your diagnosis will also be positive. 3. Schedule an Detail:http://www.ehow.com/how_2163734_diagnose-smoke-allergies.html

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