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  1. Bobbi says:

    Jun 9, 2010 Do you need an antibiotic if you’re blowing out bright yellow mucous? Find out what mucous color changes mean – and when you should be

  2. Kit says:

    What does neon yellow, neon pink, neon blue, and neon green colors a pair of shoes match with?

  3. Demetra says:

    Yellow "snot" or discharge could mean that you have some type of nasal infection. If you feel especially stuffy with a headache along with yellow discharge, call your health care provider to determine if you might have a sinus infection. More:

  4. Fermina says:

    sinus infection Probably right, but do not take any OTC drugs without doctors OK if you are pregnant. Also make sure you are getting your 6-8 8oz glasses of water{don’t count milk, juice or soda etc.] This will help thin secretions. More:

  5. Cameron says:

    Most likely it is a sinus infection. You will need to call your doctor and possibly get some anti-biotic. Also while your there they can probably run some tests to ensure that it is in fact a sinus infection and nothing more serious. Your b… More:

  6. Alida says:

    So then I went to blow my nose and it was bright yellow mucous Does anyone know why it’s bright yellow? Do I have some sort of sinus infection or something? 3 years ago Yellow or green means infection. Try Mucinex D.

  7. Angeline says:

    What Does Mucus in the Stool Mean? Normal baby stool colors include light tan to dark brown and pale yellow to dark green, depending on whether the baby Detail:

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