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Can ambien expire?

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Yes, all medications expire at some point. The expiration date should be on the bottom of the package. When it expires you should dispose of it. Thanks for ! Any comments?

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  1. Carmon says:

    Do ambien expire? What is difference between Ambien and Ambien CR Yes, Ambien is a very fast acting drug, and it will completely be out of your body in

  2. Bridgett says:

    The only problem with taking Ambien that is expired is that it may not be quite as effective.There are many meds you wouldnt want to take if they were expired but I wouldnt worry about Ambien.Have you tried taking Dramamine….it is for motion sickness but it does wonders for you when you cant get to sleep. You can buy a generic over the counter that is about 12 or so pills for less than $3.

  3. Camila says:

    What side effects or adverse reactions Ambien or Ambien CR (Zolpidem)? Do you hallucinate if you have you had after taking don’t go straight to sleep or what happens?

  4. Elizebeth says:

    The Shelf Life Extension Program has found that drugs can stay safe and effective long after the manufacturer’s expiration date if properly stored. Best to call your pharmacist to be sure. More:http://www.chacha.com/question/what-happens-when-ambien-expires%2C-can-i-still-take-it

  5. Larue says:

    Storing – Will Ambien(zolpidem) still work after 10 years in the bottle? previously researched medication expiration, SWIM thinks it’s possible that the Ambien is

  6. Merlene says:

    Ambien CR, also known generically as Zolpidem, is a treatment for insomnia that is not meant to be Ambien CR Effects; How Long Can Ambien CR Be Taken? Detail:http://www.ehow.com/how-does_4964953_ambien-cr-work.html

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