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  1. Robbyn says:

    English Diceware word list 54111 side; 54112 sidle; 54113 siege; 54114 siena; 54115 sieve; 54116 sift; 54121 sigh; 54122 sight; 54123 sigma; 54124 sign

  2. Brigette says:

    “i have a pink oval shaped pill it has markings on pill it has markings on just 90 what kind of one side and thee other pill is it” “i have a pink oval shaped one side and the

  3. Sena says:

    I could not find a pill matching this description, does it have any other markings? More:http://www.chacha.com/question/what-oval-shaped-pill-has-a-10mg-on-one-side-and-on-the-other-side-has-a-dice-on-it

  4. Nila says:

    peach oblong pill with 10 MG on one side dice reading 5 I am 5 dots in shape of a die on one side of pil on other side shows 10 MG oval shape peach Based on the description provided, I found your pill to be Seroquel XR

  5. Francoise says:

    Apr 5, 2009 I found these pills when I moved into my new condo and want to know what shaped and have a 5 point dice on one side and 10mg on the other side. I can’t get a good detailed picture of them because they are very small. purple ones before, and the usual oval white ones with 10mg on them, they just

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