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  1. Malika says:

    Endo and Teva each agreed to cease selling generic forms of OxyContin. It is also available in Australia as Endone, a generic 5 mg tablet. It is available in 5 mg (white), 15 mg (green), and 30 mg (blue) tablets; in a 5 mg per 5 ml . where its abuse is rampant in rural towns and in many smaller to medium sized cities it

  2. Alda says:

    What is the white oval shaped to be taking drugs, doez he need it or pill teva 93 7295 used in a goood friends rooom for? i found a perscription botttle and i dont want him do

  3. Leia says:

    White Teva On One Side And 74 On The Other Side small round pill This tablet contains 10mgs of Zolpidem, the active ingredient in Ambien More:

  4. Joi says:

    Not Medical Advice: The white round pill with the imprint of TEVA 834 is Clonazepam 2 mg. It is used to treat seizure disorders or panic disorders More:

    • KrAzY K says:

      Yep it is def. true that the small, round, white pill w/ “TEVA” on one side and the #834 on the opposite side w/ also a scored line on the same side as the #, is Clonazepam or better known as Klonopin. Different colors, but they both are 2mg……PEOPLE PLEASE BE CAUTIOUS W/ THESE….I don’t care if that sounds stupid or not, but I’ve been there, done that, & NO THANKS ANYMORE!!!!

  5. Dionna says:

    A little white round pill labeled teva 74 contains 10mgs of Zolpidem, the active ingredient in Ambien, it is used for the short-term treatment of insomnia. Common side effects include: nausea, dizziness, hallucinations and amnesia. More:

  6. Daryl says:

    Apr 14, 2010 1 Answer – Posted in: pill id – Answer: Teva 74 is 10mg Zolpidem (Ambien).

  7. Jean says:

    It is not unheard of to find an unidentified white round pill in the bathroom medicine cabinet, drawer, pocket or purse. medicine called Genaced, which is manufactured by Teva Corp., previously. Small Substitutions to Boost Your Diet Detail:

  8. Kim Bailey says:

    I have a few litte white round pills, thaton one side says TEVA, and on the other side it has the number 54,and a lime underneath, but when i keep trying to look this pill up, all the feedback i get is that it should be TEVA on one side, and a number 74 on the other? so why is that because my pill has only TEVA, and the number 54, with a line, so does amyone out there have any info yo help me out? thanks

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