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  1. Augusta says:

    Math and Arithmetic Questions including "What small white pill has R on one side and 153 other side" and "What is standard form for decimals"

  2. Kina says:

    i have a white oval pill one side hasPVK/500 the other side has GG/950? the bottle says its penicillin

  3. Leslie says:

    Not Medical Advice: The 5664 10 Pill is a Buspirone hydrochloride 10 mg. It is used to treat anxiety; panic disorder; sexual dysfunction More:

  4. Shaina says:

    Not medical advice: Colonapen is a white oval shaped pill one side has a hour glass on it with the number 10 and on the other side is the numbers 5664. More:

  5. Sang says:

    This is 10mgs of Buspirone, a generic for Buspar, an anti-anxiety medication. Some of the most common side effectsinclude: vertigo, headaches, insomnia and depression. Thanks for using Cha Cha! More:

  6. Jennell says:

    White Oval Pill 10 On One Side And GD Other . white oval pill stamped 105 oval white tablet with blue specs and a center line . white oval pill 5664 10 This is 10mgs of Buspirone, a generic for Buspar, an anti-anxiety

  7. Laci says:

    Results 1 – 20 of 78 small peachy pink pill with line in middle and 5b on top of line and 131 on Large, peach colored tablet with RDY on one side; other side has 1 and Peach colored oval shaped tablet with a half moon and 722 on one side . very small peach colored pill with 10 imprinted on one side blank on the other

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