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    Tizanidine has been found to be as effective as other antispasmodic drugs Tizanidine can occasionally cause liver damage, generally the hepatocellular type. or a round white tablet with E 44 on one side, and is double scored on the other side. It is also found as a circular white pill with the number 503 on one side and

  2. Verda says:

    What is the round orange pill with M on one side and 345 on the other?

  3. Janeen says:

    10-18-2006 05:19 PM 0, 80442. Round orange pill – M on one side, 751 on other · llewyn White pill with "sun" on one side, crosshair-type scoring on other

  4. Elfriede says:

    Try to drink at least one 8-ounce glass of water every hour. 4. Take Vitamin C Over-the-counter pain relievers are available specifically for urinary tract infections. Make sure to right away. You may have a kidney infection, which requires medical attention. What Are the Health Benefits of Cranberry Pills? Cranberry is Detail:

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