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Can Benadryl cause you to fail a urine test?

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Among over the counter medicines such as Benadryl, many of the night-time cold medications people use to minimize cold and flu symptoms for the evening can cause false positives. This is particularly true of the liquid cold relievers, as many of them contain various members of the ephedrine family. Thanks for using ! Any comments?

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  1. Danyell says:

    Can you fail a drug test for synthetic marijuana? Can flexeril make you test positive for benzo on a urine drug screen? .. Benadryl (Diphenhydramine), has been reported to cause false positives for benzodiazepines (such things as Xanax,

  2. Jettie says:

    truth is No you will not get thc in your system by second hand or being in the room with people smoking it. Unless they purposely blow directly in your face several several times and you purposely try to inhale as much as possible. I once wondered the same thing, and no those over the counter meds wont do it either. I smoked for years and sneaked through many pee tests with different methods and once they caught me off guard and i failed the test and tried to use the otc excuse but they said that there is no way that happens ( they had no idea i smoked).. if you are around smoke it will stick to your hair until you wash it and can cause a positive result for thc in a hair test.. however i have seen websites that claim that some of the otc meds like the ones you described can cause a false positive but i dont think they do and i think why is because a certain amount of thc has to be in the sample in order to give a positive result and the amount of otc one would have to take in order to do that would probably make you very very sick . just my theory but i dont think you have any thing to worry about so pee confident.. no, being in the room and smelling it will not make you fail.

  3. Ellan says:

    I am 45 yoa, healthy, blood pressure normal.

  4. Terica says:

    Types Common types of drug tests include urine, hair, saliva and sweat. Common drug tests screen for five substances which includes marijuana, cocaine, opiates, amphetamines and PCP according to erowid.org. More stringent tests can also be … More:http://www.ehow.com/facts_5846179_causes-failed-drug-tests_.html

  5. Pearlie says:

    I had this happen in recent job interviewspassed urine tests but failed a oral sponge test.They let me Will benadryl gel make you fail a drug test. no

  6. Rebekah says:

    Ask for a different type of drug test if you've gotten multiple false positive results. drugs on the market that can cause false-positive urine tests on a drug screen. Detail:http://www.ehow.com/how_4486550_fail-drug-test-not-illegal.html

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