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Does taking Benadryl clear a stuffy nose?

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Benadryl Uses: Helps relieve: Symptoms of allergies and the common cold including, Runny nose, Sneezing, Itchy, watery eyes, and Itching of the nose and throat. Feel better soon! Thanks for texting! On! Any comments?

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  1. Wava says:

    Apr 19, 2010 How Can I Take Care of Myself? It can affect your nose, throat, sinuses and ears. If you have a stuffy nose: If you have a runny nose, use a mild antihistamine (e.g. Benadryl or Diphenlydramine) Drink lots of fluids (water, fruit juice, tea, clear soup broths and non-caffeinated carbonated beverages).

  2. Paige says:

    To unstuff your nose, take a decongestant. Look for products that contain the active ingredients phenylproponalamine, phenyleprhine, or prseudoephedrine. Try Sudafed, Actifed, Dristan, Aspirin-free Congespirin or Contac.To help you fall asleep, Eat a light snack before bedtime. Bread and fruit will do nicely an hour or two before you hit the hay. So will a glass of warm milk. Avoid sugary snacks that can excite your system or heavy meals that can stress your body.Take a warm bath. One theory held by sleep experts has it that normal body temperature play off the bodys circadian rhythm. Those temps are low during sleep and at their highest point during the day.Along those lines, its though that the body begins to get drowsy as its temperature drops. Therefore, a warm bath taken about 4 or 5 hours before bedtime will raise that temp. Then as it begins to fall, youll feel more tired, which will make it easier to fall asleep.Hope I helped

  3. Agustina says:

    Kitten with STUFFY nose: can I use a BABY suffering from a stuffy nose SYRINGE to clear his nose he is on antibiotics for? I failed to add that a mild uri. I just know he is

  4. Christeen says:

    You can clear a stuffy nose by taking a decongestant or by inhaling steam. They will both open your nasal passages so that you can breathe better. More:http://answers.ask.com/Health/Diseases/how_to_clear_a_stuffy_nose

  5. Royce says:

    If your baby has a stuffy or runny nose you can feel helpless. But there are ways to relieve the little guy until he learns to blow his nose (which isn’t until about 4 years old). More:http://www.ehow.com/how_4614067_clear-babys-stuffy-nose.html

  6. Marta says:

    Massage the top of the dog’s nose and the puffy parts of her muzzle if you notice your dog lowering her head and snorting towards the ground like she is trying to suck air in and out of her nose. This is not uncommon among dogs and is usual… More:http://www.ehow.com/how_4430449.html

  7. Tomi says:

    Dec 21, 2011 Dilated blood vessels can cause nasal congestion (stuffy nose). Do not take this medication without a doctor’s advice if you have ever had This medicine is usually taken only for a short time until your symptoms clear up.

    • cynthia greenhow says:

      are you a nurse

    • cynthia greenhow says:

      I have had allergies and sinus rhinitis all my life like my mother and father. I’ve always used the combo antihistamine and decongestant together.

      In my doctor’s office the other day I heard a nurse give the same answer as yours about not staying on it too long. Why would that be if it works once, wouldn’t it work all the time? I also suffer from bloody nose and wonder if dilated blood vessels would aggravate an already bad situation. Also thought it would dry my nose up, instead of stuffing it up.

      Any help appreciated. Thanks. Hoping you are part of the medical profession.

  8. Carina says:

    Whether you have allergies or a cold, suffering from a stuffy nose and sneezing is It's typically used as a cough suppressant, but it's strong enough to clear the airways however, Benadryl is the best over-the-counter medicine you can take. Detail:http://www.ehow.com/way_5588675_do-stop-sneezing-stuffy-nose_.html

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