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  1. Michelle says:

    Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer in human beings. If your skin is itchy does it mean you could have skin cancer? . If you have gone to tanning beds and had sun exposure in the past but you have decided to stop it all will you still get skin cancer? . It could be due to the following two reasons: 1) Due to the .

  2. Barabara says:

    I can’t stop the itching on my in the tanning bed.? I went to the tanning back and stomach after tanning bed, and I got burnt, so I havent gone for the past two days, but now

  3. Jin says:

    Stop tanning until sunburn is gone. Apply aloe vera gel to burn. A cool bath with vinegar in the water will help. More:

  4. Maudie says:

    You could be allergic to UV radiation, or your skin could just be drying out from the tanning. When you go tanning, it dries out your skin, which is why they offer a variety of tanning lotions at tanning salons. You need to either apply tan… More:

  5. Aron says:

    Put on some skin moisturizer! Use whatever brand you have in the house or go buy some Aveeno or Lubriderm brand moisturizer as they are highly rated by consumers. More:

  6. Minerva says:

    Your skin may need more that 24 hours to recover after being exposed to What can I do to tan my face & legs better? Will tanning in a tanning bed help? Why does my tan disappear? When tanning, I get extremely itchy skin. remove the mantel acid from your skin and slow down or stop this continued tanning process.

  7. Blanche says:

    Do not try to even out a tan by laying out under the sun again. Skin cancer is a serious risk of tanning, and after you have peeled your skin is at an even greater risk of being damaged. 2 Always wear sunscreen to prevent sunburn and unsightly tan lines. Suggest item Why Does a Tanning Bed Create Itching? Tanning Detail:

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