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How does benadryl work?

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Diphenhydramine blocks the allergic reaction by minimizing or preventing the body’s reaction to the allergen. It calms the brain. Any comments?

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  1. Miguelina says:

    Benadryl, or diphenhydramine hydrochloride, when taken by mouth, works within 15 to 60 minutes. When injected through a muscle, it takes 20 to 30 minutes to

  2. Ema says:

    I dont know about the airlines policies but I do know that Benadryl is safe for dogs. Our dog got stung on the eyelid by a bee and his eye swelled shut. I was advised to give him childrens Benadryl and within 10 minutes the swelling in his eye had gone down a considerable amount. As far as using it for a sedative, I dont see the problem with it as long as you get the proper dosage from your vet. I dont see how sedating them just enough to calm them down is going to hurt. Honestly, how is the airline going to know if you gave your dog a small amount of something to calm his nerves?? I know some airlines dont ship a dog that is completely sedated–or knocked out, but like you said…youre not going to knock him out…you only want to calm him down. My dog is 17 pounds and I gave him 2 childrens Benadryl and he was fine. He wasnt all loopy and it didnt knock him out. Ive seen dogs that have been prescribed anti-anxiety meds anti-depressants so I dont see any reason why a dog cant take something to calm his nerves before a flight. People do it so why cant we treat our pets the same as we want to be treated.

  3. Young says:

    Can I use Benadryl Itch Stopping my feet (about 100 between both feet a Gel and Benadryl Allergy Oral? I have an insane amount Tablets at the same time of flea bites mostly on

  4. Gertude says:

    Benadryl is a name given to a cough medicine that helps chesty coughs. Usually taken 3-4 times a day to help relieve the symptoms of hacking and chesty coughs. More:http://answers.ask.com/Health/Pharmacy/what_is_benadryl

  5. Sung says:

    Benadryl is used for reliving symptoms of the common cold and allergies. It helps dry up a runny nose and prevents sneezing and itching. For more information, look here: http://coldflu.about.com/od/overthecount… More:http://answers.ask.com/Health/Pharmacy/what_is_benadryl_used_for

  6. Tami says:

    Benadryl is an antihistamine, which is used in the treatment of colds, allergies, sneezing, runny nose and hives. For adults, if you exceed the recommended dosage of 25 to 50 milligrams, for more than four times each day, then this is too m… More:http://answers.ask.com/Health/Pharmacy/how_much_benadryl_is_too_much

  7. Marleen says:

    Diphenhydramine, the main ingredient in Benadryl, works by blocking histamine at receptor sites. It also decreases central nervous system function, causing drowsiness.

  8. Un says:

    Many mothers work hard to increase breast milk supply, but there are times when mothers may want to decrease breast milk While there are supplements and foods that women can Take an antihistamine, such as Benadryl or Claritin. Detail:http://www.ehow.com/how_2340546_take-supplements-that-decrease-breast.html

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