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How to make Hives stop itching?

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Hives are treated with over the counter Benadryl regularly for at least 3 days to stop the itching. Any comments?

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  1. Tai says:

    What should you use to stop the itching for hives There are 3 simple steps to stop itching yourself:1) Put anti-itch creme or spray on the places that itch.

  2. Delfina says:

    Antihistamines such as diphenhydramine (Benadryl) can help relieve itching caused by hives, but won’t affect itching from other causes. Most antihistamines also make people sleepy, which can help patients sleep who would otherwise be awake from the itch. Specific treatment of itching depends on the underlying condition that causes it. In general, itchy skin should be treated very gently. While scratching may temporarily ease the itch, in the long run scratching just makes it worse. In addition, scratching can lead to an endless cycle of itch—scratch—more itching. To avoid the urge to scratch, a person can apply a cooling or soothing lotion or cold compress when the urge to scratch occurs. Soaps are often irritating to the skin, and can make an itch worse; they should be avoided, or used only when necessary.Creams or ointments containing cortisone may help control the itch from insect bites, contact dermatitis or eczema. Cortisone cream should not be applied to the face unless a doctor prescribes it. Probably the most common cause of itching is dry skin. There are a number of simple things a person can do to ease the annoying itch:• don’t wear tight clothes• avoid synthetic fabrics• don’t take long baths• wash the area in lukewarm water with a little baking soda• for generalized itching, take a lukewarm shower• try a lukewarm oatmeal (or Aveeno) bath for generalized itching• apply bath oil or lotion (without added colors or scents) right after bathing Someone who itches all over should seek medical care. Because itching can be caused by such a wide variety of triggers, a complete physical exam and medical history will help diagnose the underlying problem. A variety of blood and stool tests may help determine the underlying cause.

  3. Many says:

    How can I make hives stop itching? My brother has what we really annoying him.He can’t go to the doctors till think are hives They are tomorrow so I need ideas how to make the

  4. Samuel says:

    Hives are red, itchy welts which can be from an allergic reaction, stress, fear and other emotions. If you have never experienced hives, they are severe or if accompanied by other symptoms such as difficulty breathing, seek emergency medica… More:http://www.ehow.com/how_5303873_stop-hives-itching.html

  5. Bernie says:

    You could try taking some Benadryl (drug name – Diphenhydramine) for mild cases. If this doesn’t help, you probably need to go see a doctor. More:http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_should_you_use_to_stop_the_itching_for_hives

  6. Tayna says:

    Taking antihistamines can relieve the itching and swelling caused by hives. Corticosteroids can be prescribed for severe symptoms. More:http://www.chacha.com/question/what-makes-hives-stop-itching

  7. Gilda says:

    The cooler you keep the skin, the less you will itch. It may also help to strip down to the original birthday suit as well. In my experience calamine lotion really doesn’t work that well for itchies. Benadryl can work to an extent, although

  8. Annalisa says:

    How to Stop Itching Naturally · How to Stop Stress Hives To relieve hives and the itch due to stress, fear and other such emotions make a cup of herbal tea. Detail:http://www.ehow.com/how_5303873_stop-hives-itching.html

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