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  1. Natosha says:

    How long does birth control stay in your system once you have stopped taking it? In: Birth Control categories]. Answer: Improve. up too 3 months because i

  2. Albertine says:

    The withdraw method is actually a decent form of birth control, if done properly. The key is doing it properly – no semen in or around the vagina. In fact, the withdraw method is about as good a from of contraception as wearing a condom. Condoms are better at prevent STDs, though.Still, the failure rate is about 4%. This means that if your only form of contraception for the next year is the withdraw method, you have a 4% chance of getting pregnant, in the next year. Its about 0.5% for the pill.Have fun.

  3. Elvera says:

    How long do birth control pills system after you stop taking continue to stay in your them? They’re yasmin (drospierenone & ethinyl estradiol) pills. I’ve been on them a year

  4. Patrica says:

    You can get pregnant after you stop taking birth control pills. While birth control pills are a great way to help you plan your family life, becoming pregnant after you stop taking them can seem a little confusing. But it is actually quite … More:

  5. Sarai says:

    up too 3 months because i took the pills for the month of december and got pregnant 3 months later Answer up to 2 days maximum. from the first day you don’t take a pill, do not count on it to prevent pregnancy. If you have unprotected inter… More:

  6. Hildegarde says:

    Answer Less than three days. Answer It stays in your system for 3 months.

  7. Sindy says:

    You can get pregnant after you stop taking birth control pills. How Long Does It Take to Get the Nicotine Out of Your System When You Quit Smoking? Detail:

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