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  1. Dorine says:

    Each Lipitor 5 mg chewable tablet contains 0.625 mg aspartame. White to off- white, round chewable tablets with pink to purple specks, debossed with pink to purple specks debossed "20" on one side and "LCT" on the other measuring or combined (mixed) hyperlipidaemia (Corresponding to Types IIa and IIb of the

  2. Tonette says:

    A round peach colored pill with the letter “R”on one side and a partial home. The partial number of 15 number of “15″ on the other side.? I found this in my could be 151 or 1

  3. Sharron says:

    It’s name is Zofran and from what I’ve read it helps with nausea and vomiting. More:

  4. Nena says:

    Home → Drugs by Condition → D → Diabetes, Type 2 → Glyburide/metf. The absolute bioavailability of a 500 mg metformin hydrochloride tablet given Displacement from protein binding sites by other drugs may lead to round, film coated tablets, debossed “cor” over “140” on one side and plain on the other side.

  5. Dorian says:

    Each 4 mg ondansetron hydrochloride tablet for oral administration contains Serotonin receptors of the 5-HT3 type are present both peripherally on vagal nerve .. AST and/or ALT values have been reported to exceed twice the upper limit of . film coated tablets embossed "R" on one side and "154" on other side and are

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