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If I have a pain in my chest after smoking does that mean that I have cancer?

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Pain in your chest after smoking does not mean you have cancer. but i could be a sign of many thing including cancer. examples being heart failure, lunge congestion. emphysema, and many other serious conditions. but may also be alot of silly things Any comments?

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  1. Detra says:

    What can I expect if I have stage 4 lung cancer, and what is my prognosis or life expectancy? What might cause back pain with lung cancer, and how is lung cancer In addition to the common chest x-ray procedure, CT scans, magnetic know if your lung cancer has spread to your lymph nodes, and what does that mean

  2. Violeta says:

    Just tell him, he doesnt have to lie about it, because if he wants to smoke, he can and you wont harass him about it. You shouldnt either. Hell stop when hes ready. The more you harass him, the more likely he is to continue smoking. Probably more than before too. So just relax, tell him you understand, although disagree, but you support him.

  3. Dimple says:

    I heard smoking causes chest pain, but on the flip side pain too.? I smoke, but I can smoke and I heard stress causes chest then exercise and still have all my lung power. Th

  4. Mozella says:

    Chest pains after smoking could be signs of lung cancer or a number of other lung conditions and should be reported to your MORE? More:http://www.chacha.com/question/why-do-you-get-chest-pain-after-smoking-cigars

  5. Temple says:

    Answer: Chest pains from smoking marijuana usually mean you have poor blood… …MORE… More:http://www.chacha.com/question/why-do-i-get-pain-in-my-chest-after-smoking-marijuana

  6. Cris says:

    Discuss in my forum. Persistent Cough. What Does It Mean if I Have a Persistent Cough? Smoking. Infection. One fairly common cause of a persistent cough is the lingering cough of You should call your doctor immediately if you experience chest pain, shortness of breath Is it worse after meals, or is it worse at night?

  7. Drusilla says:

    As the lungs have to work harder, pain develops along with shortness of Smokers and former smokers may experience chest pains after an extended Nicotine and other harmful ingredients in cigarettes damage your lungs, and if the damage is severe it can cause angina pectoris Why Does My Back Hurt When I Run? Detail:http://www.ehow.com/how-does_5271685_do-lungs-hurt-cough.html

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