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What condition would cause your lungs to swell?

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MayoClinic.com says that if you have been diagnosed with allergic rhinitis, eating certain foods can trigger the same allergic reaction in your body as if you inhaled pollen. This causes your lungs to swell and congestion to form in your chest. Any comments?

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  1. Jay says:

    It's like you can't inhale 100%, you feel like only about 85% of your lungs are functioning. This can cause your upper airway to swell shut. here are some possible causes to the disease: anaphylaxis asthma bleach and ammonia exposure

  2. Deadra says:

    Hi. I didnt look at the photo, but of course you should forgive yourself. Youve done a lot so far with the little guy and HCM is a tough diagnosis. But just a couple of ideas to toss out there (not to change your mind, because youll make the right choice – just to make sure all bases are covered). First, your vet sounds competent, but with this type of diagnosis (Ive had cats my whole life) Ive always gotten a second opinion, ideally from a cat specialist. Its just a one time visit and Id say half the times Ive done this, Ive gotten something quite different than the first vet gave me. There are conflicting reports out there on treatments and longevity for this disease. If you think this might be worth it, call cat rescues in your area and ask what vet they recommend. Second, if you do decide to ride this out for a bit and have concerns with cost, there are organizations that help with serious illness, some even cat-specific. Ive included one link, but there are others. I just wanted to mention this in case thats part of your decision-making. Third, I assume youve done this, but its always helpful to learn as much online as you can about your kittys condition. Obviously, the source of the info needs to be taken into account, but since this disease has become more common in recent years, theres more research being conducted on it, and new info pops up frequently. Finally, like I said earlier, none of this is an attempt to sway you. You know your kitten and youre clearly a great mama to him. Take your time, make your choice, and never second guess it.

  3. Bea says:

    Can my lungs swell from allergies? I have allergies. mostly to pollen of various cat. Usually my breathing is never types, a little bit to my effected other than stuffy nose,

  4. Rheba says:

    Pleurisy is inflammation of the linings around the lungs caused by infection,congestion,inhalation of chemicals. More:http://www.chacha.com/question/what-causes-the-lining-of-lungs-to-swell

  5. Naida says:

    Adult Still’s disease. Occasionally, the spleen or liver may become swollen. Lung and heart inflammation may occur. More:http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-possible-causes-of-a-swelled-lung

  6. Edra says:

    The lungs may swell because the disease can fill up the air spaces inside the lungs, making breathing difficult; The infection that causes the pneumonia can

  7. Ruth says:

    The more that you smoke, the worse this condition becomes. It can When these passages are irritated by the smoke, they swell and inflame. Bronchitis can be an acute or chronic condition that causes the airways of your lungs to become Detail:http://www.ehow.com/how-does_4564363_smoking-cause-bronchitis.html

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