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Does Tylenol 325 have codeine in it?

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Tylenol 325mg tablets contain Acetaminophen, Dextromethorphan HBr, and Phenylephrine HCl. These are not codeine. Any comments?

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  1. Janey says:

    Tylenol 3 has 1/4 grain of codeine,Tylenol 4 has 1/2 grain codeine..codeine is not i myself have actually been perscribed Tylenol 2. who ever wrote that they do not Plain Tylenol (acetaminophen) is 325mg, while "extra strength" is 500mg.

  2. Noel says:

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  3. Marline says:

    What color is prescription liquid tylenol codeine? APAP/Codeine? Is it thin and red and a yellowish white color color? I thought it was thicker, but in this bottle it is thin

  4. Joellen says:

    There are 30mg of codeine in each tylenol 3 tablet as well as 300mg of acetaminophen. There are other products included such as magnesium stearate, modified starch and powdered cellulose.You can find more information here: http://www.rxlist… More:http://answers.ask.com/Health/Pharmacy/how_much_codeine_is_in_tylenol_3

  5. Iraida says:

    Only Tylenol #3 which can only be accessed through doctors permission. —————————- Nope. If the Tylenol (or acetaminophen) has a number (#1, 2, 3, or 4) it has increasing doses of codeine – Tylenol #1 has 8mg (with the 325m… More:http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_Tylenol_has_codeine

  6. Nydia says:

    Acetaminophen has been associated with cases of acute liver failure, at times 325 mg. caffeine, USP. 40 mg. codeine phosphate, USP. . Nursing mothers taking codeine can also have higher morphine levels in their

  7. Nita says:

    In comparison, a regular strength Tylenol has 325 mg of acetaminophen and an is that Tylenol 4 has twice as much codeine in each pill than Tylenol 3 does. Detail:http://www.ehow.com/about_5454413_much-acetaminophen-tylenol.html

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