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  1. Blondell says:

    Hydrocodone and codeine are NOT the same chemical compound; they're two different drugs. Codeine is the 3-methylether of morphine. It's almost inactive on

  2. Vernia says:

    first of all there is no codone hydrocodone is same as codeine in structure only difference is that OH on carbon no. 6 is oxidized to ketone and the double bond on present on codeine is absent in hydrocodonethis chemical differences make hydrocodone more active than codeineas an anlgesic WHY????because when demethylates in body the small portion that undergoes demethylation give hydromorphone which is more active than normal morphine

  3. Ninfa says:

    Can some explain to me what hydrocodone is? what the difference between that and codeine or codone? what the difference between that and codeine or codone?

  4. Freda says:

    A codon is the triplet sequence in the messenger RNA (mRNA) transcript which specifies a corresponding amino acid (or a start or stop command). An anticodon is the corresponding triplet sequence on the transfer RNA (tRNA) which brings in th… More:

  5. Sherise says:

    Codons are three bases on mRNA which go to the ribosome which translates into amino acids. The amino acids are attached to tRNA which has the anticodon on it which will bind to the codon on the mRNA. This is how the ribosome picks out the c… More:

  6. Faviola says:

    Codeine is made from a plant. (Tylenol 3) Hydrocodone is made in a lab (Vicodin). Codeine molecules may have an extra atom carbon hydrogen.

  7. Renay says:

    What Difference Between Hydrocodone and Codeine. Hydrocodone and codeine are both narcotic pain relievers, and both widely used as analgesics and Detail:

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