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  1. Sandra says:

    Apr 27, 2010 When Did I Conceive If My Due Date Is May29,2010? well my due date is june 5 and i concieved between the 11th and 16th of september/. 2 years ago Member since: October 20, 2006; Total points: 8082 (Level 5)

  2. Shane says: spam I swear! 9/30/2010 is when you most likely conceived.6/23/2011 is your EDD. Congrats if you are!

  3. Rosalind says:

    im 31weeks yesterday, my due date is oct my c-section? early then due date?? My friend is 37weeks and.15, when will my doc schedule is due due for hers tomorrow, she told me h

  4. Charlotte says:

    The approximate date of conception was February 6 th More:

  5. Belia says:

    The estimated date of birth is Friday July 16 th 2010. More:

  6. Augustina says:

    i dont know exactly 9 months away but if you do go full term of 9 months then you shuld have the baby in may around the 1st-19th No if you conceived in october then the due date is sometime in july More:

  7. Debroah says:

    If my due date is march 10 when did i get pregnant. March 10th 2010? Your conception date would be roughly June 16th, give or take a few days. However, it is difficult was December 11th. If you got pregnant in october when is the due date

  8. Eugenie says:

    When measuring pregnancy, doctors use the date of the last menstrual period as a When you plug in your due date, the computer can calculate your conception date by Have you been asking yourself when did I conceive my baby? Detail:

  9. Kimmy says:

    If my due date is Oct4 when did i conceive?

  10. Conny wright says:

    I had sex with a guy the end of jan and i had my baby oct 4 but im not sure if he’s the dad my due date was oct 14 could he be the father if i had sex with him let’s say jan 26

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