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  1. Jerry says:

    he has no sperm.Sperm only make up about 5% of the total volume of semen. So even if the man has had a vasectomy or is sterile for some other reason, his

  2. Ileen says:

    I wouldnt trust it,use a condom,some guy`s will tell you anything.

  3. Marceline says:

    Sterile plastic culture tubes (for overnight bacteria)… are they really sterile? The ones I’m talking about are the ones with loose caps:

  4. Cherise says:

    A well-placed kick in the balls… Or surgery! Whichever works best for you. More:

  5. Adriane says:

    In men, low sperm count can be caused by diabetes, obesity, alchoholism, endocrine disorders or infections in the testes. Thanks! More:

  6. Elinor says:

    He would have to have tests done with his doctor. If a guy tells you he is sterile and wants to have unprotected sex DO NOT believe him. First answer by Runtdog. Last edit by Runtdog. Contributor trust: 1251 [recommend contributor]. Questio… More:

  7. Dorthea says:

    STERILITY means difficult or no conception. It’s inability on the part of the female or the male partner to produce any offspring.

  8. Vashti says:

    At this point of course, she may safely assume that her man is in fact not sterile. A diagnosis of infertility in a man does not necessarily mean that he cannot Detail:

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