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  1. Selena says:

    What happens when you dip a cigarette in promethazine? Answer It! What will happen if you smoke cigarettes and marijuana. Nicotine is more addictive than

  2. Camille says:

    Can you get high by swallowing get lightheaded when you first cigarette smoke? I know that you can start smoking, or when non-smokers smoke for the first time. But I’ve been s

  3. Cecille says:

    Its a toss up.If you hold an average-sized plug in your mouth for 30 min, you’ll have as much nicotine as if you had 4 cigarettes. More:

  4. Penelope says:

    The high levels of Nicotine they add to the cigarette. mabye the Tobacco, im not that sure or mabye you just like them so much you dont want to let them go More:

  5. Ka says:

    They both put nicotine into your system. Many people consider dipping more "gross" than smoking. More:

  6. Lisabeth says:

    No, dipping a cigarette in codeine will not get you high. It will probably If you take the recommended dosage it should kick in within 3 Can you make How much can i sell cough syrup with promethazine and codeine for? Depending on

  7. Zada says:

    The more sleep you get after a drinking binge, the more sober you will be when you If you are having trouble thinking clearly, take a cat nap and try again. Detail:

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