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  1. Hildegarde says:

    Its main ingredient is prescription-strength cough syrup containing codeine and . This depression is dose-related and is the mechanism for the potentially fatal

  2. Marnie says:

    Codeine in cheratussin ac cough syrup? anyone know how much codeine ac cough syrup? is there even enough to is in 120ml bottle cheratussin affect you? cuz it does nothing for

  3. Delaine says:

    Cheratussin Ac 100-10mg/5ml Syrup is a narcotic cough suppressant and Exceeding the recommended dose or taking Cheratussin Ac 100-10mg/5ml Syrup

  4. Shayla says:

    Dosage Form: oral syrup It is about equal to codeine in depressing the cough reflex. Promethazine may lead to potentially fatal respiratory depression.

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