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What Prescription Cough syrup will make you sleep?

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Prescription cough medicine normally contains codeine and it will make people sleep or tired. Robitussin Ac is a common prescription cough medicine. Any comments?

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  1. Kayleigh says:

    It won't really get you high but it can make you feel dizzy, drunk, and sleepy. Be careful, because you can take too much of Can you get high off cough syrup

  2. Rachal says:

    I used to be right there with you! When I smoked – first I got sick all the time and whenever I got a cold or sinus infection it always turned into bronchitus that would last about 2 months for me. It was terrible. It wasnt until after I quit – which honestly – I quit 3 years ago, and ironically I have not been sick in 3 years – and Im telling you – I was sick ALL the time. I would always feel that as soon as the cough went away, I was getting another cold/cough. At least you know you need to quit (though if you set a date of when you plan to, most likely you wont end up doing it, your procrastinating. Best time to do it is when your sick because the ciggs dont even taste as good then anyway and you go through withdrawal while your sick – its not as bad…trust me). When I would get like this, nothing really helped. I would take codeine cough syrup at night to help me sleep (prescribed by my doc) but even that didnt work out very well. You just kind of have to push through it as best you can. Do you know what kind of cough it is?? Is it a wet sounding cough – like are you coughing up mucus?? Or really dry and hoarse?? Both maybe?? If it is wet, you want a decongestant – maybe some sudafed or something – it wont start to get better until your all drained out or dried up. Also mucinex works well (DONT get the mucinex D though – that stuff is terrible). Oh and prop your pillow up a little when you sleep – its not as comfortable to sleep, but you wont cough as much. Sorry I cant be of more help =( When you smoke sickness is always worse =( Look at the bright side though – there is a six pack stomach in the wings for you from all this coughing! lol.

  3. Dannielle says:

    Doo u need a prescription

  4. Hyacinth says:

    The best can recommended from numerous people, is any cough syrup with codeine in it. More:http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-best-prescription-cough-syrup

  5. Kelli says:

    The purple prescription cough syrup used to make "purple drank" contains the active ingredients codeine and promethazine. If you are referring to a specific cough syrup, please give the name of the syrup. More:http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-in-purple-prescription-cough-syrup

  6. Kaycee says:

    Dec 19, 2011 They can make you dizzy and sleepy, which is fine if you are staying in bed, effects, there is no guarantee that cough syrups will stop you from coughing .. Doctor’s/prescription fees are costly and antibiotics are a drug that

  7. Bee says:

    But, before you can choose the best cough medicine, you need to understand a few things about your cough. Adding honey or lemon juice to hot water or tea also can help with dry coughs. Honey is not Never take another person's prescription medicine. Contact your This wreaks havoc with your sleep, and it's also. Detail:http://www.ehow.com/how_2054161_choose-right-cough-medicine.html

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