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Why does cough medicine make you cough more?

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A cough medicine with a cough-suppressant will help keep you from coughing. However, a cough syrup containing an expectorant is designed to help loosen mucus and can cause coughing. Any comments?

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  1. Logan says:

    A recent study suggests that honey may help calm coughs. For Medical Professionals and has been an editorial reviewer for more than a dozen publications. Is it true that honey calms coughs better than cough medicine does? If you or your child is otherwise healthy, there’s usually no reason to suppress a cough.

  2. Sachiko says:

    The medical system in Greece is bleeding and is in dire need of emergency surgical repair and reconstruction.Is a common secret that pharmaceutical companies are pulling the strings in the Greek economy driving the prices of drugs to new heights. As for the doctors they are just servants of the giant companies and are compensated by expensive trips, gifts and other kickbacks. I know many doctors who traveled the world from Europe, Alaska, Africa, Australia and everywhere in between, all free of charge, compliments of the big pharma-mamaAll this at a time where older retirees in Greece are forced to choose between buying medicine or food with a pension that shrinks more and more any time they turn around.Now, is time for the Greek government to step in and stop this once and for all.They should make it illegal for any medical professional to accept kickbacks and impose heavy penalties if they do. Pharmaceuticals reps have no right to visit doctors in their office and leave small tokens of appreciation… Would we allow law makers to accept gifts in order to vote for a particular law?? Why doctors are allowed to accept gifts in order to write a particular medicine?? Maybe the government should also take a good look into medical schools and the way the new doctors are taught medicine. They will discover most are taught to push pills and are quick to make diagnoses as depression and anxiety, diagnoses that bear the biggest profits to Big Pharma-Mama. (With all fairness this is happening not only in Greece but all over the civilized world).Do you think the new measures will be favored by the pharmaceutical comps?? I dont think so either.But is something that has to be done and is long overdue in order to save hundreds of thousands of Euros in a country thats financially strapped.

  3. Mariette says:

    If your on a antibiotics for sinus infection, would it be okay to take cough drops/cough medicine for cough? About two weeks ago, I had a sinus infection and was given pills,

  4. Mariel says:

    The best cough medicine for a cough would be determined by the type of cough. The objective of the medicine though is to stop the coughing, and any medicine with codeine would stop the cough. More:http://answers.ask.com/Health/Pharmacy/what_is_the_best_cough_medicine

  5. Mattie says:

    Although cough medicine can be bought over the counter, the medicine still carries the risk of potentially fatal side effects. Follow the directions on the syrup’s label to minimize the chances of complications when using the drug. More:http://www.ehow.com/facts_5767496_dangers-cough-medicine_.html

  6. Jaquelyn says:

    There are two main types of coughs: One is a dry, hacking cough, and the other is a deeper congested cough that tends to produce phlegm. Common causes of coughs include colds, allergies, infections, allergies, chronic obstructive pulmonary … More:http://www.ehow.com/how_5034969_treat-cough-medicine.html

  7. Nicolette says:

    Learn about over-the-counter cough medicine for adults. Over-the-counter ( OTC) medicines are medicines you can buy without a How do OTC cough medicines work? This may help your cough clear the mucus from your airway. stop taking cough medicine and call your doctor if your cough lasts for more than 2

  8. Shaquana says:

    Cough syrup, an over-the-counter or prescribed medication that is usually in the form of a thick More Like This Cough syrup can be acquired over the counter, but you can also make it from ingredients from your kitchen and the health-food. Detail:http://www.ehow.com/how-does_4596806_cough-syrup-work.html

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