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  1. Grazyna says:

    Jul 8, 2009 sharpies are nontoxic, it says it on the side of the marker. they do not get you high . the feeling you feel when you sniff them is yourself

  2. Hyun says:

    Can you really get high from Sniffing a Sharpie? permanent marker?how long would you have to sniff them? lol not gonna but just seems like it wouldn’t work.. has it worked for

  3. Shaina says:

    Vapors are sniffed from the can, bottle or container, it is called "inhaling".Breathed in is called "bagging" or inhaled deeply. More:

  4. Verdie says:

    The most you’re going to get out of that is lightheaded from a Sharpie. More:

  5. Carolyne says:

    You’ll get a headache, Faint, etc before you actually get the chance to get high off the stuff. No exact time is mentioned. More:

  6. Claudie says:

    Mar 9, 2011 Can you get high from smelling white out or a sharpie? and if you can how long does it take ? 1 year ago; Report Abuse

  7. Louella says:

    The strong stench of a Sharpie marker is a nuisance to some, yet a tool to get high for others. Sharpies emit toxic fumes that you or your child can sniff to enter a Detail:

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