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What is it called that old people get, when they cant remember things anymore?

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  1. Liberty says:

    Okay, first of all remember there's always someone better.. always. ..unless Seriously, so have some fun & don't fall too hard [: You cant really get over a guy who . be a fight over that history, there will always be tears about the same old stuff. .. The next day was they worst day of my life, then he called me that night and

  2. Audrie says:

    Youre right far worse things can happen to people, but I understand how alone and lost you feel. Its a good thing that you have managed to concentrate on your studies when others might have plummeted to rock bottom. You a re stronger that you think.Think about what you want for your future. Concentrate on that. You have your academics to prove that through it all you succeeded in building yourself up with dignity and grace. Just continue on what you are doing. Your mother deserves a better life and you are going to give that to her. You will graduate with flying colors, and everyone will look up to you. Stop minding what negative things other people might throw on you, because life is like that. When you are good at something people will always try to put you down to cover up their own shortcomings.With that guy. Put it behind you and move on, think of it like you just stumbled and got yourself scratched. It will heal in no time. You are in the US, that doesnt matter there. Dont close your door to love and romance because you will be denying yourself of the essence of your womanhood. You have been through a lot of hard times and you survived, dignified and all, so choose a man who can appreciate that. The tendency of goody-goody girls like you is to jump on the first guy to give you attention. Avoid that. Just be who you are, you dont have to be nice to everyone if you dont feel like it. SMILE ALWAYS. You have a lot of things to be proud of, think of it all the time. Then when you finally meet the one hes going to admire you more because youve had hell and you managed to be an angel to people you have touched your life with.

  3. Jona says:

    I really want one of those things… but I can’t remember what they’re called! Help anyone? I really want one of those things that I see in movies!!! Its like… Well, they’