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What is the white pill with numbers 54 583 on it? What line of pill is it?

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  1. Grisel says:

    The dosage for pulmonary arterial hypertension (Revatio) is one 20 mg tablet three times a day. Revatio pills are white, round, film-coated tablets imprinted with

  2. Penelope says:

    i found a pill that is white and round whith the numbers 54142 on it what is this pill?

  3. Barbera says:

    Not Medical Advice: Round color white pill that has imprint 54 543, has been identified as Roxicet 325mg/5mg. It is used to treat pain. More:http://www.kgbanswers.com/what-is-a-white-pill-with-line-on-one-side-and-the-numbers-54-543-on-it/21367993

  4. Teressa says:

    The medication Morphine:sulfate Strength(s)15 mg has Imprint(s) of 54 733.Morphine is in a group of drugs called narcotic pain relievers. More:http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-a-white-round-pill-with-the-numbers-54-733-on-it

  5. Elayne says:

    The pill you describe is Roxicet. It is acetaminophen 325mg/oxycodone 5mg. It is used to treat severe pain and may be addictive. More:http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-white-round-pill-with-the-numbers-54-543

  6. Ta says:

    Jun 19, 2005 white round tablet with numbers 3170 over V. Also, a white round table with the numbers 54 583 and is scored on the other side.

  7. Torie says:

    Results 1 – 11 of 11 round white pill with MP and then the number 58 on one side. nothing on the other side. round white pill 54/583 Furosemide 40mg. tiny round white pill with 54 on top and 582 under the 54 line on back of pill Based on

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