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  1. Adela says:

    Depakote is an anti-seizure medication used as a mood stabilizer in the treatment of bipolar disorder. Is it safe to take Prozac Depakote and Risperdal together? It can be a sign of too high a dose too. How can you get the weight off if you took Depakote for 5 weeks and went from 127lbs to 157lbs during that time even

  2. Olivia says:

    The symptoms you listed are side effects of Risperdal, and it sounds like you hate the medication. Often a medication doesnt work for everyone and doctors have to experiment to find the correct dosage(s) and/or medication(s), so I would tell your psychiatrist about your symptoms(especially the heart problems) and ask about switching to a different medication or changing the dosage. Never stop a medication, especially psychiatric, however without talking to your doctor. I also think therapy could help you, they would give you things to talk about, and they could also help you work out problems with your mom. They are also a great person to vent to about someone/something, because they can not only listen, but also give ideas of how you could handle the problem better. Edit: On the legal guardian question, I believe most of the time, a legal guardian can force you to take a medication if a doctor also believes that it is in your best interest take it(which is this case, they do.)NOTE: The above is general advice, NOT medical, nor legal advice, and a physician should be consulted before starting or stopping any treatment (including, but not limited to, activity, program, supplement, or medicine).

  3. Ha says:

    where can i find people that have lost a love one due to the medicine risperdal?

  4. Felisa says:

    Taking prescription drugs is costly and can have negative side effects. If your physician has put you on high blood pressure medication, the Mayo Clinic warns not to stop taking the medication on your own. There are steps you can take to he… More:

  5. Sarina says:

    Do you REALLY expect any responsible adult to tell you how to do something STUPID? As others said, you don’t get high off Risperdal, just sleepier or less psychotic. More:

  6. Asha says:

    Cough medicine for an instant high is quick and cheap but can be deadly. More:

  7. Sammy says:

    Risperdal Consta may cause you to have high blood sugar (hyperglycemia). Talk to Do not take the medication in larger amounts, or take it for longer than

  8. Mike says:

    Elevated levels of prolactin can affect the reproductive system. Risperdal is a brand name for the drug risperidone, mainly prescribed to treat schizophrenia Detail:

  9. talana sebata says:

    I’m on cilift ,epitec and seroquel and I’ve been using cilit for over a year now , does it have any effect on my sexual disfunction an I can’t cope in bed ;only one roud once aweek is what I can do.I’m afraid I’m going to loose my wiife as I can not satisfy her any longer

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