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  1. Arlette says:

    Gabapentin (commonly sold under the brand name Neurontin), is an anticonvulsant prescribed for aliments ranging from epilepsy to bipolar disorder. It has a half-life of 5 to 7 hours, and takes approximately two days to be completely flushed

  2. Nicole says:

    First things first, I would ask why you took a non-prescribed Neurontin. Gabapentin, tradename Neurontin, is an anti-seizure medication which is also used to treat certain (and very specific) pain conditions. Its dosing needs to be closely regulated, and there are a couple of very serious but rare side effects including a life-threatening rash and in fact, seizures. If you took the pill from someone who is prescribed Neurontin, you need to understand that that person has likely already been started on a lower dose of the drug and worked up to the higher dose.That said, Neurontin has an elimination half-life of 5-7 hours, if you have healthy kidneys. That means that half of the drug will be gone from your system in 7 hours, 75% gone in 14 hours, 87.5% gone in 21 hours, etc. As far as I know, commercial drug tests do not routinely screen for Neurontin and I dont believe there is any cross-reactivity with controlled substances.Moral of the story: DO NOT TAKE MEDICATIONS WHICH HAVE NOT BEEN PRESCRIBED FOR YOU!

  3. Arlyne says:

    had a small infection, took about 4 300mg pills a day for about a was twice its size and week, woke up and my toe painful. went toER, got iv antibiotics for 48 hrs. Did larg

  4. Gerry says:

    Magic mushrooms or psilocybin will stay in your blood or urine for a week. So, if you think you are going to be tested I would stay away from them for a week. More:

  5. Elvira says:

    Opiates such as Opium, also known as China, Laudanum and Paregoric, among others, will stay in your system for 1-2 days if you are a casual user. For the daily, heavy user opium can be detected sometimes for 30 or more days. More:

  6. Jenniffer says:

    Nicotine, whether from smoking, from snuff, or from a patch, gum or spray, will stay in your system for 1-2 days if you are a casual user. For the daily, heavy user nicotine can be detected sometimes for much longer, depending on the person… More:

  7. Becki says:

    Hey There, Neurontin has half-life of five to seven hours, if you don’t have any kidney problems. So in about 7 hours half of the Neurontin will be removed from your system, 75% removed in 14 hours and so on. , Mike

  8. Margarete says:

    How Long Does Topamax Stay in the Blood Stream? Neurontin and Topamax are two drugs that are prescribed for daily use to prevent migraine attacks. Detail:

  9. Holly says:

    I was recently diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. My doctor prescribed me Cymbalta…along with the pain meds I have been on for a while (Norco 10 mg) . He just recently, 8 days to be exact also prescribed Neurontin 300 mg. I had to take 1 a day for 7 days, just started the 2 a day (1 twice daily) and it does seem to be beginning to help. Problem is….I don’t start full dose until next Monday…3 ..1 X day til next Monday. So I am having some breakthrough pain between doses now and I am out of my reg pain meds. The doctor will not refill until the 31st….9 days away. I only ran short bc not only did they cut back my amount of pain meds….before putting me on Cymbalta and Neurontin…but also is making me go longer between my refills….but ran short due to 2 really bad fibro flares (one due to a mix up btwn Dr office and pharmacy..which caused me to have severe withdrawals from the Cymbalta. I just feel like I am being punished for how my body is feeling! Please let me know of anything I can do….the breakthrough pain is so bad right now…I just am not sure how much more pain I can handle.

  10. Grace says:

    The doc that prescribed gabapentin to me told me to take as much as I wanted, that it was hard to say how a person would react to it. I was prescribed 600 mg at bed, and another 600 mg in the morning. I was staggering, reeling, slurring my speech, giddy, unsteady, irritable and finally, all I could think about was my death by exposure to cold. My doc just told me to keep taking gabapentin and to add a tycyclic anti-depressant, without telling me that it was a pysch med. At no time was I ever offered any kind of “pain medication”

    I am an older woman with a compelling x-ray and MRI, but my doc treated me like a drug-seeker and told me he thought I was a borderline crazy person. He had seen me twice, for less than 30 minutes at each visit, and made a very serious psychiatric diagnosis, which he shared with the surgeon reviewing my case based on prejudice and ignorance rather than a clinical diagnosis.

    I am not being treated appropriately yet, have found a new doc, do not want any pain meds, but I do want to be believed when I report symptoms. I feel that I am only now getting clear of the gabapentin “mind” but my worst fear, that no one believes me, is now larger than life.

    Any help or suggestions? This doc is in Durango, Colorado.

    Thanks for any encouragement!

  11. Naomi says:

    I have the same thing going on with me, I found out I have hot flash thats causing high blood pressure. My dr. does not have a clue what meds to give me. I found out about gabapentin, a total life saver, I take 100mg at night and 100mg in the morning.

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