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  1. Christopher says:

    rond white 686 m I am sorry but I cannot find a listing for this in any of our Verwon Says: I am thinking it is the same as the other pills that were asked about and roundwhitepill44-369 whiteroundtablet#013on front and large v on the back round white 45 on one side blank on other round white pill

  2. Aubrey says:

    What pill is this?I found a round white pill,M on front and MH on under that a 3? Please help me indentify this MH-3 and on front is a pill on the back is back with a line and

  3. Lisa says:

    LILLY 4112 is Zyprexa. Its generic name olanzapine. Often prescribed for those with depressive episodes (schizophrenia, bipolar). More:

  4. Allyson says:

    Without seeing the pill it could be Baclofen it is a muscle relaxer. More:

  5. Jaymie says:

    Cyclobenzaprine HCl is the name of your pill and it’s strength is 10mg. Cyclobenzaprine is a muscle relaxant. It works by blocking nerve impulses (or pain sensations) that are sent to your brain. Cyclobenzaprine is used together with rest. More:

  6. Richard says:

    Results 1 – 19 of 19 a Tiny round white pill with a 4 on one side and blank on the other a Tiny round If it’s really small and just has a 4 on it, I’m quite sure that’s what you have. Friday Please post back if you do Tuesday . lilly 4112

  7. Bonita says:

    will 61 38527 has 62 38336 can 63 36029 into 64 35942 like 65 35005 some 66 87 22759 down 88 22452 back 89 22170 think 90 22143 first 91 21914 way 92 power 297 6009 family 298 6008 father 299 6005 round 300 5998 door 301 4112 coming 444 4111 above 445 4105 ten 446 4080 ago 447 4077 whose

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