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  1. Dovie says: – Drug Information and Side Effects Online Pill imprint E 277 has been identified as Benazepril hydrochloride and Strength: 20 mg / 25 mg; Color: Red; Size: 13.00 mm; Shape: Elliptical / Oval; Availability: Other Manufacturers / Repackagers: 54569-5685, A S Medication Solutions LLC ( repackager)

  2. Gena says:

    what is a white oval pill like to know what the pills are and what they with ip 272 imprinted on? i found 5 of them one side of the pill in my house and would are used for . p

  3. Sonia says:

    The pill in question is :Imprint Code: 3592 / V Drug/Strength/Manufacturer: Acetaminophen 500mg / Hydrocodone Bitartrate 5mg. More:

  4. Beatriz says:

    A white oval pill with a V imprinted on it might be Aceon. It’s a heart medication. Couldn’t find any reference to the numbers. More:

  5. Suzanna says:

    I found no small oval white pill with a "V" on one side and 357 on the other. Are you sure of what is on the pill? Is the pill a capsule? Is there anything else you can add to describe the pill? Thanks. More:

  6. Trudy says: – Drug Information and Side Effects Online Pill Identification Can’t find it using the Pill Identifier? white oblong pill, V on 1 side 3592 on other

  7. Phillis says:

    Feb 24, 2011 For thousands of stock shapes and other online products, visit Made in the USA Round and Oval Shapes Sof-TouchTMOriginal Sof-Touch Original Key print options available · White material base only POlYspectrumTM – Page 28 .. Price includes a one color, one side, guaranteed permanent imprint.

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