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  1. Noella says:

    Jul 18, 2009 My doctor wants to give me Suboxone to get off the OxyContin and I’ve heard I know that coming off a drug such as xanax can sometimes be fatal to the . I’m in the same position, I’m down to taking 2 .5 xanax a day now, but it .. The doctor told him to stop his Vicodin while taking the Suboxone but to

  2. Bruna says:

    You really need to be telling your doctor all this,, he is the only one that can help you, suboxone is a really strange drug,, Im not sure if all the doctors that use it understand it yet,,, Ive been through suboxone and methadone,,,, just get over the addiction,, its really not that hard once you are past the physical withdrawls,, being addicted to low dose hydrocodone like vicodin isnt that tough at all,, its not like you were taking 100s of mg everyday for any period of time every day or your liver would be shot,,, its like barely being addicted to opiates,, for you to have got enough opiate to really get addicted you would have damaged your liver,,, Vicodin addiction is mainly in your head,, just make the decision to stop !! Its not that hard,,, the suboxone is just keeping you hanging on to it,,,Here is a great link to a suboxone site that can help you is another site you may want to check out. Good luck

  3. Jame says:

    suboxone and vicodin question? ok guys, i have had a previous battle with opiate addiction. i have been on suboxone for 7 months now and ready to get off, i’ve been dwindling

  4. Zula says:

    You should wait a minimum of 18 to 24 hours, until you are in full withdrawal from the Vicodin. It is absolutely essential that you wait until you are in severe, full-blown withdrawal from the Vicodin, before you start taking the Suboxone. … More:

  5. Tressa says:

    Here’s how it works: Suboxone binds more strongly to your body’s opiate receptors than things like Oxy. That is why it helps people to break the addiction, because the Oxy does less for them. Also, the Suboxone, because it has a stronger af… More:

  6. Ladawn says:

    Jun 17, 2007 My sister takes suboxone for her vicodin addiction, she’s been taking she’s been taking it for I think a year now, sometimes she can go for weeks Is this all because I took one suboxone on the same day as taking vicodin?

  7. Florine says:

    Opiates include Vicodin, Heroin, Morphine, and Oxycontin. Do not take anymore sleeping pills or Valium after day three. Suboxone Withdrawal Tips Detail:

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