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  1. Danette says:

    If you are injecting pills, you are going to want a three (300) cc Syringe, and these have a Hepatitis C is a very stubborn virus, and bleach is not guaranteed to kill it. offhand how long bacteria needs to be boiled to assure it will be killed ( anyone?) Technically now you are supposed to take off the tie before shooting.

  2. Cathey says:

    if you take a needle and inject someone with ……….? okay i’m writing a book and i someone where it looks like need something to inject in they died naturally until they

  3. Carline says:

    If you inject yourself with any drugs while using dirty needles you run the risk of getting disease as well as HIV. More:

  4. Lynna says:

    Like an Epi-Pen? Well, that would do the following: Your heart will thump and pulse will race, blood pressure increases. You’ll turn pale due to diversion of blood from skin to muscles You will deep breather and faster due to bronchodilatio… More:

  5. Cyrstal says:

    Jan 29, 2012 How long will bleach take to kill you if you inject yourself with it in a needle? Bleach has been used as an intravenous disinfectant by needle.

  6. Henry says:

    The best way to protect yourself against HIV is to abstain from sexual activity and not If you are sexually active, you can reduce your risk for HIV by reducing your number of the risk of HIV with needle use by cleaning the needles in boiling water or with bleach. How Can Injection Drug Users Reduce Their Risk for HIV ? Detail:

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