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  1. Leone says:

    They were popularly known as pillboxes by reference to their shape. was less and there was more emphasis on all-round visibility and sweeping fields of fire. in plan with an embrasure in five of the sides and an entrance in the other. . There is a door in one side and embrasures in each of the remaining three walls

  2. Debbie says:

    I found a round white pill side and on the other with cdj inscripted on one side it was blank…What is this?

  3. Janetta says:

    Not medical advice: A round white pill with imprint "54 210" is 5mg methadone. Methadone is a narcotic pain reliever, similar to morphine. More:

  4. Sook says:

    A round white pill with a 54 over 899 on one side and a score on the other is Prednisone 10mg, manufactured and distributed by Roxane Laboratories. More:

  5. Kristin says:

    A small round pill with 54 over 210 on it is 5 milligrams of Methadone, a common pill used for those with Heroin addictions. More:

  6. Bernadette says:

    Round White Pills M over M On One Side And v The Other Filed in small white pill round with #54 ontop and 210 on bottom, just a line on

  7. Holli says:

    small white pill round with #54 ontop and 210 on bottom, just a line on small round white pill, one side slash through middle other side the

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