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  1. Anastasia says:

    What are the side effects of snorting clonidine? In: Drug Side Effects categories]. Answer: Improve. Im not quite sure but i know that chewing a patch is the

  2. Lavinia says:

    Will the side effects from Clonidine number of other conditions. Only Ace Inhibitors and ARBs meds because I have a go away soon? I don’t have many options for HBP are OK; mos

  3. Ara says:

    Im not quite sure but i know that chewing a patch is the most yuk and trippiest thing-not recommended at all!! More:

  4. Myrl says:

    The side effects of clonidine may include drowsiness, depression, dizziness, nervousness, nightmares, slow heartbeat, low blood pressure, heart palpitations, dry mouth, constipation, nausea, vomiting, impotence, rash, sweating, sodium reten… More:

  5. Bettie says:

    Apr 12, 2008 Drug info – Clonidine Various drugs not covered by other forums. He may snort or take another .1 sublingually, and report effects. SWIM has

  6. Rubi says:

    Common side effects are insomnia, weight loss, irritability, headache and and have less abuse potential because it produces less of a high if snorted or injected . Unlike most ADHD drugs, clonidine isn't contraindicated for patients with Detail:

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