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What color is liquid morphine?

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Liquid morphine is typically light brown, and is extremely addictive. Always consult a physician before taking these types of drugs. ! Any comments?

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  1. Johanna says:

    does liquid morphine come in a blue color Colors actually mean nothing it is entirely up to the manufacturer and what they wish to make it look

  2. Lashawna says:

    as far as i now its clear sounds like it could be methadone, i know they come in a brown bottle. you should take either to your local police station or chemist.

  3. Olinda says:

    can oral morphine liquid be mixed with juice or cherry syrup to mask the taste?

  4. Vallie says:

    Morphine is a very strong pain killer. It can come in several forms, but it is usually white. It can come in white crystals, hypodermic tablets, or as a solution for injection which is clear. To find more information click here: http://www…. More:http://answers.ask.com/Health/Pharmacy/what_color_is_morphine

  5. Wen says:

    16 Sep 2010 20 mg concentrated liquid morphine is clear, it has no color. More:http://www.drugs.com/answers/what-color-should-liquid-morphine-or-roxanol-be-303965.html

  6. Gwyn says:

    Jun 23, 2008 i got some liquid morphine here, its like a blueish green color anyone ever seen this stuff before? just wondering, i want to know what a good

  7. Van says:

    Morphine, along with opium and laudanum, was widely used in the Civil War to relieve in field hospitals, and it was injected into the patient's body in liquid form. Save $1000 on Utility Bills: 15 Ways · The Secret World of Nail Colors Detail:http://www.ehow.com/about_4565909_morphine-use-during-civil-war.html

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