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What drug has the street name ice?

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Ice is one of the street names for Methamphetamine,a highly addictive drug w/ potent central nervous system stimulant properties. Any comments?

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  1. Alta says:

    Common street names for methamphetamine include crank, speed, meth, crystal meth, and crystal tea. It has been a popular drug of abuse for many years in the

  2. Taunya says:

    Lets take up a nationwide collection to hire private duty officers to round em up and buy the tickets to send them back. (wishful thinking, I know)

  3. Marisol says:

    will amphetamine salts show up as in a drug program as meth on a drug test if you were using the street ones?

  4. Maybelle says:

    Ice is made in many different ways with many different dangerous chemical mixtures. Ingredients include cold tablets, alcohol, acetone, lithium, lye, sodium metal, and other disturbing things you wouldn’t want in your mouth. Ingredients are… More:http://answers.ask.com/Food_and_Drinks/Other/how_is_the_drug_ice_produced

  5. Tierra says:

    Ice is another name for the drug crystal meth. It is often made in makeshift labs, and it involves many chemicals. It is dangerous to make because you risk explosion when cooking these chemicals. To find more information click here: http://www.dru... More:http://answers.ask.com/Health/Pharmacy/how_to_make_ice_drug

  6. Blanca says:

    The drug ice is a street term for Meth. Meth looks like chunks of dirty ice or rock salt. When it is crushed it looks like white powder.You can find more information here: http://www.gdcada.org/statistics/ice.htm… More:http://answers.ask.com/Health/Addictions/what_does_the_drug_ice_look_like

  7. Amy says:

    Information About Slang Names For Street Drugs. Narcotics info · Street Drug Slang Names . Ice, Cocaine; crack cocaine; smokable methamphetamine; methamphetamine; .. Shot to the curb, A person who has lost it all to crack. Sightball

  8. Halley says:

    It's nearly impossible to keep up with the street names and slang for illegal drug use Below is a helpful guide to the most common drug slang from everything to It is known as crank, crystal, crystal meth, crystal methadrine, glass, ice and speed. Marijuana has many slang names, such as blunt, dope, ganja, grass, herb, Detail:http://www.ehow.com/how_2081515_decipher-drug-slang.html

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