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What is an orange hexagonal pill with N8 on the front?

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An orange hexagonal pill printed with N8 is Suboxone, a drug prescribed to aid in withdrawal for people with an opioid addiction. again soon! Any comments?

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  1. Codi says:

    The pill with imprint N8 LOGO is Suboxone (buprenorphine/naloxone) 8 mg / 2 mg. Suboxone 8 mg / 2 mg N8 LOGO Front LOGO; Strength: 8 mg / 2 mg; Color: Orange; Size: 11.00 mm; Shape: Six-sided; Availability: Prescription only; Drug

  2. Chasity says:

    Does anyone know where I could download hexagonal maps or hexagonal graph paper that I can actually manipulate?

  3. Sophie says:

    Suboxone: Generic Name buprenorphine/naloxone. Strength(s) 8 MG-2 MG. More:http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-a-hexagon-shaped-orange-pill-with-a-n8-on-one-side

  4. Kayla says:

    This pill is Suboxone 8MG/2MG Each pill contains Buprenorphine 8 mg and Naloxone 2 mg. More:http://www.chacha.com/question/what-type-of-pill-is-hexagon-shape-orange-and-has-n8-on-it

  5. Karren says:

    Your pill is Suboxone, a sublingual tablet used for treating opioid dependence. More:http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-a-orange-octagon-shaped-pill-with-a-n8-on-the-front-and-a-cross-on-the-back

  6. Devin says:

    Jan 17, 2006 I can’t think of a company with a cross insignia, but it’s inscribed on the back. The ‘ cross’ gets pointy at the bottom, so it could be a sword.

  7. Lucinda says:

    Results 1 – 15 of 15 orange hexagon shaped pill stamped with N8 WHAT ARE THE small, orange, hexagon shaped, groove across front The pill you have is

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