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  1. Elke says:

    102 is high enough to warrent a trip to the doctor. Short of that, a cool bath or cold compress on her forward has worked everythime for me. I brought a 104 temp down to 100 in less than an hour with the cold compress on my daughter’s head.

  2. Vivian says:

    wash her down with rubbing alcohol and with baking soda alternately. But dont wait too long to take her to a doctor.

  3. Jeanette says:

    My 8 month old son spike a fever last night and all day, it would break and he had a relatively high fever’d p He’s been very lathargic that last two days as well. His fever

  4. Zenia says:

    In order to break a fever you need to dress yourself lightly and take a fever reducer. You can also try a cool compress and take a cool shower as well. More:

  5. Sabrina says:

    If you have a fever, an effective way to break the fever is to drink plenty of fluids, including fruit juices. More tips? More:

  6. Alejandrina says:

    If an infant has a temperature of more than 99.4 degrees Fahrenheit under the arm or a rectal temperature over 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit, he has a fever. When a baby has a fever, it is a sign that his body is fighting an infection. Colds and… More:

  7. Quinn says:

    Not medical advice: The best way to fight a fever off is to get rest, and drink a lot of fluids! Ask us more!

  8. Dann says:

    Fevers can be caused by a variety of conditions, including bacterial or viral infection, See your doctor if a fever continues. Best Way to House Break a Puppy Detail:

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