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Why are there white lines on my nails?

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White lines across the nail may indicate a liver disease or show possible heart disease, high fever, or arsenic poisoning. Any comments?

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  1. Toby says:

    Apr 1, 2008 I have always had some white lines on my nails and was told it was a lack supplement for a couple months, but the white lines are still there,

  2. Paul says:

    White lines in or across the nail can signal… a lack of iron or zinc in your diet.Youre fingers are long because its in your genetics or your food. No, contrary to popular belief, cracking your fingers does not cause arthritis. The main problem with cracking your fingers is that it stretches your tendons, which results in a weaker grip.

  3. Leticia says:

    When I was younger, I was told it comes wasn’t true and it’s caused by a lack of if you don’t drink enough milk. Later, I was told that it zinc. I think none are true, but one

  4. Octavia says:

    If you see white spots on the nails it may be caused by vitamin or mineral deficiency. White spots on the nails can mean and underlying infection, but commonly they are results of injury while lying in your bed. More:http://answers.ask.com/Health/Other/what_causes_white_spots_on_nails

  5. Caren says:

    Most white spots on your fingernails are caused by previous injury. In some cases the white spots can indicate some form of infection. But, most cases result from a simple injury that you may have forgotten about. More:http://answers.ask.com/Health/Diseases/what_causes_white_lines_in_fingernails

  6. Ricki says:

    The white line at the end of the nail, hanging out over your finger, is called the free edge. White lines in the middle of your nails are referred to as Beau’s lines . You may learn details using Yahoo/Google search. More:http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_is_the_white_line_on_your_nails_called

  7. Toby says:

    Mar 10, 2004 Medically speaking, those little white marks that sometimes appear as dots or lines on the fingernail are known as leukonychia. There are

  8. Lindsy says:

    Normally, your nail tips are white and strong, but they turn clear at times. Though some changes in How Can I Turn the Tips of My Nails White? The term French What's the Cause of White Lines and Ridges in the Nails? Just like the skin, Detail:http://www.ehow.com/facts_5939466_mean-part-nail-turns-clear_.html

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