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  1. Mitsue says:

    Your dads stomach tightens up gets really hard and hes in alott of pain for a few minutes Then it at work, but it also have really bad cramps and its not my period it hurt so bad couldn't walk What does it mean when your stomach gets hard

  2. Keila says:

    Since you are only 32 weeks you really need to give your OB/gyn a call. Progressive contractions, and change in mucous alone constitutes a call. Yes, diarrhea can be a sign of labor and your body cleaning its self out preparing for labor. The feeling of having to urinate then not being able to is a symptom that there may be blockage there or you could have UTI. It may even be a kidney infection since you have the back pain. IF it was only back pain it could simply be a sciatica nerve but that combined with the urge to go I wouldnt be so sure. The pelvic pressure is normal but if it feels like the baby is going to fall out (as some women describe ) you need to go in as this is a sign of pre-term labor. Really I wouldnt mess around, try not to worry but at the same time be aware of all the changes. Your baby can become engaged with his or her head positioned at this point yes, but they may not stay that way. You may notice a decrease in movement as they have less space. You still should feel however small, 10 movements every hour in resting. Its too early to go into labor so you need to call. Best of luck and blessings :)

  3. Nevada says:

    Iam 17 years old and everytime i will bleed after words i get dizzy and my i have sex with my it hurts so bad that boyfriend my stomach tighens and we cant finish and then ba

  4. Jeffie says:

    Not medical advice: Eat yogurt, which is full of healthy bacteria that can help soothe a stomach ache. More:

  5. Roxane says:

    It could be that you haven’t eaten enough! It’s good to have something in your stomach before running. More:

  6. Melodie says:

    It could be gas or your stomach digesting what you’ve eaten. Maybe you ate too much candy! More:

  7. Thomas says:

    Puttin my knees up does help eleviate this pain. Pure dehydration will cause all the ligaments in your body to tighten up, have you ever noticed It hurts a bit, but I’ve found this is the quickest way to ease the pain, as it STRECTHS I get the same pulling pain around the navel, that sometimes travels into the penis area.

  8. Harmony says:

    the job done. Keep your stomach muscles taut and toned by working your abs twice a day while sitting. Pain does not mean you're getting a good workout. 2 Detail:

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