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How do you induce labor for a dog?

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Try not to worry – over ninety-eight percent of all dogs deliver their puppies without assistance or complications. When a mother dog is stuck in incomplete labor the first thing a vet may do is administer oxytocin and calcium to stimulate uterine contractions. If the puppies are too big to pass through the birth canal or the oxytocin fails, a vet may consider a cesarean. Any comments?

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  1. Lue says:

    Can giving a dog a bath induce labor? In: Dogs (Canines) categories]. Answer: Improve. A canine is only pregnant for 62 – 65 days so trying to start it

  2. Ettie says:

    The vet did all he could do..It sounds like the C-section is your only option.You can massage her lower back a LOT.. This may strengthen her labor…Do NOT massage her tummy, as this will injure the puppies.You can stimulate her nipples, by pulling/twisting, if she will allow you to..This also strenghtens the contractions.Try for the Care Credit card.. It is no-interest card to be used for veterinary care, and it allows up to 18 months to repay.. all of the vets in my state accept this card..You can apply on-line, and know within minutes if you have been approved.. All it requires is a steady source of income.http://carecredit.com/patients/whatis.htmFor veterinary care, go to this page, and click on professions, and scroll down to veterinary.http://carecredit.com/providerloc/

  3. Wanda says:

    My dog is over due, how can I induce labor? She has an appointment Thursday do while we are waiting. Is there anything I can for the vet? Can a fixed dog have a false pregnanc

  4. Pura says:

    You should not induce labor in a dog yourself. Your vet should do it if it needs to be done. You could jeopardize your dog’s health if you try to get her to go into labor and there is a problem. More:http://answers.ask.com/Science/Nature/what_are_way_to_induce_labor_on_a_dog

  5. Hilda says:

    Having puppies is one of the most enjoyable parts of dog ownership. Labor and delivery is normally a very smooth process for most dogs, although occasionally problems arise. Gestation in dogs normally lasts for 9 weeks, or approximately 63 … More:http://www.ehow.com/how_5608415_induce-dog_s-labor.html

  6. Ryan says:

    The doctor will usually give women a medicine that will induce a woman into labor if that is what he/she feels is necessary. Other then the doctor inducing you with drugs you can try to bring your labor on by walking or doing squats. More:http://answers.ask.com/Health/Reproductive/how_to_induce_labor_fast

  7. Vivan says:

    To safely induce labor in a dog, you must take your dog into the vet.

  8. Miss says:

    Natural Ways to Induce Dog Labor. The negative effects of inducing labor are far more serious than waiting a few days more. Many people, faced with a Detail:http://www.ehow.com/about_5394515_natural-ways-induce-dog-labor.html

  9. Jennifer says:

    My dog gave birth yesterday afternoon to a stillborn pup yesterday afternoon. She has not delivered the rest. I applied for carecredit and was denied. None of the vets will take payments and I have NO one to get help from. She seems to no longer be in labor and I can see and feel the pups moving around inside her. She doesn’t seem to be in labor anymore either. HELP!!!!! I don’t want to lose my baby girl!!!

    • Amy Morrow says:

      You take her to the vet anyway duh how could you just wait and cause her to die because of a bill. The vet will work with you I am sure in the end. Either way I wouldn’t have even stopped to apply would have taken her then worried about it.

    • Carclare says:

      This is the disgrace of the vet industry. They won’t help one patient at a time. Even with payment arrangements. I pray your situation turned out alright.

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