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  1. Ozell says:

    Whould you take Tylenol or Naproxen for a headache quickly and affectively and then we go to bed with a cold face cloth and a face mask and when you wake

  2. Joetta says:

    I would invest in a memory foam knee pillow or a wide enough pillow that provides you comfort so that you can sleep. The knee can freeze if you dont keep it moving, so there is a list of exercises for you below. It can take weeks or extensive months….itll depend on whether or not youll need fluid released from the knee at a later date or surgery.You need to keep the inflammation and pain down, so you must understand how to take the medication properly ~ you dont take it as needed, you take it consistently every day until you feel better. If the doctor says to take ibuprofen (not addictive) every 4 hours for 10 days, then you take it exactly this way and after 10 days, youll know if it feels better or still swollen and can then decide whether to continue with the anti inflammatories which are not addictive at a reduced amount or same amount. The same goes with narcotics (percocet, vicodan, demerol, fentynal, morphine, /or codeine).You take it as prescribed and not AS NEEDED this is how people develop an addiction because they wait for the pain then take the pill it doesnt work so they pop another and the addiction starts. As long as you take it as prescribed, your body will stabilize on it and you wont feel loopy all the time or stoned. When you take it whenever your body doesnt get a chance to metabolize it so you get crashes with cold sweats a yo yo of emotions.I suffered with pain for years and it took 10 years before I was given the pain protocol which clearly explains to you how to take your medication for the best results and least side effects. I attend the pain clinic at our hospital every 3-5 weeks for an infusion for pain, so Im up on pain protocols.Be aware in the future for the following symptoms for bursitis of the knee. This can occur anytime now that youve had an injury so be aware of bursitis and the symptoms. There doesnt need to be a reason for BURSITIS, BUT its incredibly PAINFUL. You could find yourself in the emergency room for pain control because tylenol might not touch it.Bursitis is the most painful and its difficult to bear weight. If you have an anti inflammatory, this will take down the swelling and pain fast. If it isnt working then you need to see your doctor asap to try a different prescription.You should take it as directed on the bottle. If it says every 4 hours, then you take it every 4 hours. If you take it as needed, you might as well not even waste the doctors time. A lot of people think taking on as needed basis is better. It does nothing if it doesnt retain a build up of the medication so it can attack the inflammation.ANTI INFLAMMATORY ~ ADVIL MOTRIN CELEBREX VIOXXSit on the side of your bed with both legs draped over. Try to straighten the knee. You may hear crunching, popping, etc. Keep doing it, up and down, up and down, like a handle on a pump…youll need to keep doing it 4-6x a day.You could also lie down on your bed. Lift your knees up and now try and move them like you would on a bicycle….keep doing it until all noise disappears from the knee ~ do not exceed 5 minutes.Continue to do this, take anti inflammatories, ice the pain, and then warm the tendons.***if you have puffy, swelling, and pressure increasing your pain, you may need to see the doctor to have the water drained.http://www.drugs.com/cgpain protocol further explanations…http://www.gosh.nhs.uk/gosh/clinicalserv…Chronic Pain Condition, Knee Injury, Sciatics, Anklosying Spondylitis

  3. Kacy says:

    How many aleve do I have to take to get to sleep? I don’t care about my health.. as long as I don’t die..

  4. Exie says:

    That is said "El pozo de la autorizacion va entonces a dormir". More:http://www.chacha.com/question/how-do-you-say%3A-ok-well-go-to-sleep-then.-in-spanish

  5. Jeanene says:

    You should wait up to 4 hours before going to bed to be safe. As long as you didn’t pass out, you’ll be fine. More:http://www.chacha.com/question/how-long-after-getting-a-concussion-is-it-ok-to-go-to-sleep

  6. Lorean says:

    Babies need to feel secure to fall asleep. Create a secure sleep environment for your baby. Good luck. More:http://www.kgbanswers.com/how-can-you-make-a-baby-go-to-sleep-cookie-monster/4271276

  7. Ericka says:

    For most people it is ok to take Aleve before bedtime. Some side affects may include abdominal pain, constipation, difficult or labored breathing, dizziness, drowsiness, headache, heartburn, nausea, red or purple pinpoint spots on the skin.

  8. Sandi says:

    Naproxen (full name: Naproxen Sodium) is a pain relieving ingredient found in Aleve, Midol Tax Time · Go Mobile Never exceed the recommended dosage as it is never wise to take more than the recommended dosage of any medication , Naproxen is safe and appropriate for many people to take, but as you can see Detail:http://www.ehow.com/how_4863006_use-naproxen-safely.html

  9. Eli says:

    Is it safe to take four aleve before bed ?

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