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  1. Bernice says:

    What causes pain in the upper most thigh during the third trimester of It is possibly Braxton Hicks contractions or maybe you are in the first stages of labour, because it is often describes as being like menstrual pains to begin Sign in using:

  2. Brigida says:

    These are all signs of early labor. If the baby is low then that means its decending into the pelvis, and getting ready for birth. If you can hold out to 37 weeks your baby will be a term baby. But if you start leaking fluid, have a huge gush of water, start bleeding (heavy, soaking a pad an hour), or start contracting 5 min apart contact your doc asap. If you go an entire day where your baby isnt moving as much as it usually does, drink some juice (OJ is best) lay on your side for an hour and do kick counts if you have less than 10 an hour call your doc. Most of these signs are considered emergent so your doc will probably send you to the hospital. Its always best to call first so you wont make a pointless trip to the hospital.

  3. Ivette says:

    I am 38 weeks pregnant with back pains. Upper inner thigh pains n my stomach. I am also dizzy? this is my 2nd pregnancy I am so sick to. I was induced my 1st so I didn’t have

  4. Karrie says:

    In labour Back pain – particularly lower back pain can definitely be an indicator of labour onset. Labor pains are exactly the same as menstrual cramps, so you may be going into labor. Unfortunately they may die away and come back later, it… More:

  5. Hannelore says:

    In many cases it’s almost impossible to determine the causes of leg cramps. Lack of B1, B5 and B6 can cause leg cramps, so can poor circulation. Stretching is good, also apply a heat pack and massage the legs. Fluid loss and electrolyte los… More:

  6. Doretta says:

    Upper thigh cramping is a normal symptom of late pregnancy. Labor occurs only in the uterus.

  7. Caitlyn says:

    Upper thigh pain symptoms can vary from mild aching to more severe or acute pain. Sciatica (pain that shoots down the leg) can be a symptom of upper thigh pain. . ailment after a woman goes through the trials of pregnancy and labor. Detail:

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