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  1. Lindsay says:

    The ligaments are stretching and that's what causes the sharp pains. The only time I've ever experienced those kinds of pains was when I was pregnant. Now I' m

  2. Morgan says:

    The dream means:IT WAS A GODDAMN DREAM!

  3. Malka says:

    29 weeks pregnant. Sharp pain on right side of stomach with back pain no? I am 29 weeks pregnant. Should I go in or. It’s turning into constant pain on my right side. I’m also

  4. Shannan says:

    Ouch! A sharp side pain can be a sign of a variety of medical conditions ranging from simple trapped gas to serious conditions requiring surgery such as appendicitis. In contrast to the brief, sharp side pain sometimes experienced by runner… More:

  5. Lucy says:

    Could be sinuses. Your sinus cavity is located up and behind your eyes. Try taking a sinus medication of the proper dosage and laying down in a darkened, quiet rrom with a cool cloth on your head until the pain passes. Works for me every ti… More:

  6. Kaitlyn says:

    Mar 15, 2011 Causes Of A Sharp Pain In The Right Side While Pregnant. Any pain, especially a sharp one, that occurs during pregnancy can be alarming.

  7. Annice says:

    Although the pain feels like it is coming from the stomach, the stomach is only one Causes of Right Side Lower Abdominal and Back Pain; What Is Side Pain ? pancreatitis, food poisoning, gallstones, ectopic pregnancy, diverticulitis, viral hepatitis, What Are the Causes of a Sharp Stabbing Pain in the Right Thigh? Detail:

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