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  1. Shondra says:

    How can you get off of fentanyl patches. Ending Duragesic dependence is not easy, nor can it be done in a short time. Of course it totally depends on the

  2. Ute says:

    I can tell you that you dont want to put another on if the first one hasnt kicked in yet. That is a mistake some people do and they die.I had a cousin die from that patch. She used too many at one time. You also dont want to drink or even lick the med inside the patch if it rips or something, that will kill you too. And of course, you are going to suffer withdrawal with any powerful narcotic when you stop. You should always gradually get off under the care of your doctor. You really need to ask your doctor all these questions.

  3. Ceola says:

    Has anyone used the fentanyl pain the patch or something that patch? Does anyone know anything about is similar to it without all the risks?

  4. Cecila says:

    You could cut the patch open and rub the medicine directly on your skin to get a quicker high. More:

  5. Teodora says:

    Ending Duragesic dependence is not easy, nor can it be done in a short time. Of course it totally depends on the patient’s current dosage and how long they’ve been using it as to how long it will take to get off it it. I can tell you that a… More:

  6. Roy says:

    This has always been a problem for Duragesic users like myself, particularly during the Summer months. However, there are several ways you can help keep your patch(es) in place: 1. If you’re using Duragesic and not the generic patches (most… More:

  7. Kerry says:

    Aug 2, 2006 Anyways, my question is , do you think the patch is enough, I m finding it s already Could that be making me feel that percoset high? up to 175mg and trying to get off dont just stop using them you will die ask your doctor a

  8. Jacki says:

    Fentanyl patches are prescribed medication provided on a patch for moderate to severe pain. You can take extra measures to ensure no one picks up the patch by Fentanyl, also known by its brand name Duragesic, is an opioid with a high risk of How to Obtain Early Refill of Fentanyl Patches That Keep Coming Off Detail:

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