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  1. Shameka says:

    What do you do to get bad medicine taste out of your mouth. This is actually a pretty common issue. No one likes the taste of medicine! Before people take the

  2. Aracelis says:

    why does cough and sore throat or grape ugh it makes medicine taste nasty? okay so i have this bad cough and i hate really sore throat and a the medicine like tylenol cherry m

  3. Violet says:

    1 Wrap the vegetable in bread and eat . This could hide the taste unless you chew to hard and you taste the vegetable. 2 If the vegetable is contained in a soup, cut the vegetable into really small pieces . Place a few pieces on your spoon … More:

  4. Josette says:

    To stop people overdosing. If it tasted good, you might take too much More:

  5. Birgit says:

    Unless you are the luckiest parent on Earth, you have probably experienced resistance from your child when giving her certain medications. She pouts and cries and tells you it tastes yucky. Usually, she is correct. The medicine may claim to… More:

  6. Mariann says:

    To stop people overdosing. If it tasted good, you might take too much

  7. Takako says:

    Pharmaceutical companies do not manufacture medicines with taste in mind. Medicines are made to combat illnesses and to stay cost affective. This sometimes Detail:

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