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  1. Myesha says:

    Mar 17, 2011 Meth will chew you up quick and ruin your teeth. In some Do you want to reap havoc on your body for a few minutes of euphoria? Many do.

  2. Oralee says:

    Get out now before he drag you down with him.

  3. Jalisa says:

    what are the different types of meth? Pictures of meth users? Anything about meth!? I have to do a. I have some stuff so five page report on methamphetamine far so i will name

  4. Jen says:

    Nothing out of the ordinary would happen if you took a normal dose of each, just like smoking a cigarette while drinking coffee simply makes one feel the effects of both drugs. Since many of those drugs share various effects, their overlapp… More:

  5. Siu says:

    Be more active. If you fill your day with other things to do…you don’t obsess or have extra time to deal with your addiction. It helped me quit smoking after a 10 year, pack-a-day bad habit. Meth and some pills are much more addictive. It… More:

  6. Iva says:

    i have a problem when i do meth. when i do it ill most likely do a short binge. i like it. its is there any way to curb the sores?? do they go away if you keep binging? as no matter what, I only get sores if I let myself grind or chew gum for hours,

  7. Quyen says:

    You can spot methamphetamine abusers easy by their awkward behavior, change in Meth abusers usually discuss random things and tend to chew on their Detail:

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